1 – Introduction

Fiona Tyson

What is the Soft and Sound membership all about? The principles and... more

6 – In-hand Work

Fiona Tyson

An In-hand programme is a skill and an art. It can be a great... more

10 – Balance

Fiona Tyson

Helping to improve your horse’s balance might be the most important... more

11 – Straightness

Fiona Tyson

Calm, forward and STRAIGHT. But how? Simple exercises to help... more

14 – Lateral Work

Fiona Tyson

Going sideways is cool, when you understand why, and how. Step by... more

Winter Tit Bits

Martin Almgren

Small but important things you can experiment with when time and... more

Guest Speakers

Fiona Tyson

So many amazing guest speakers and masterclasses with students.... more

Members Podcasts

Fiona Tyson

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