Developing a Schooling Programme


This course is for riders who want to be their horse’s best teacher, and become responsible for their own training program and plan.  Riders who want to teach their horse how to carry himself under saddle  on and stay sound, and who are interested in increasing his athletic capacity. 



Most of us are aware that we would like our horse to be ‘Calm, Forward and Straight’, but with each horse being so different and each moment being its very own, how do we know what to do for the best when we go into the arena each time?

This is a 3 month deep dive into how to assess your horse’s strengths and challenges , diagnose what he needs from you and your schooling programme, and progress your ridden partnership. It will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to get to know your own horse as an individual and use ‘Mouse steps with Eagle Vision’ (thank you for that Martha Beck!). You can have a bigger picture, an idea about where you want to end up, and then learn how to take steps along the way. This course will give you courage to have a plan and also be utterly flexible. It will enable you to develop your own principles and then endlessly shape your practice in line with these.

Content includes:

Getting to know your own horse – who is he and what does he need?
The language of the aids
Balance and Transitions
Ease of Movement
Lateral work
Creating your own schooling plan
Horse and Human mindset and emotional connection