Légèreté in Action. A Demonstration and Celebration.


This will serve as an introduction to people new to the work and a recap for long-standing students.

It will be a chance to get together, learn some stuff about the French school and good horsemanship, eat some mince pies and have a nice time.

There will be demonstrations with my horses, and also with a couple of dedicated students. There will be work in-hand, on the lunge and under saddle with the attention to balance, straightness, ease of movement and understanding of the language of the aids that is the hallmark of this work.

There will be a charity raffle and festive refreshments.

This event is open to people new to Soft and Sound, and we’d also love any long standing students to join us too.

Venue: Ayton PRE, North Tawton
Date: Sun 26th February 2023, re-arranged from 17th December 2022. If you have booked tickets and cannot make the revised date we will refund you.
Time 12.30pm to 4pm
Cost: £25 per person to include light festive refreshments



The demonstration will introduce 3 different combinations, with very different stories. They have each been exploring the principles of Legerete in their own individual way. There will be learning for everyone, a recognition of what horses offer us and what we can do in return to honour that gift.

Who will you meet?

Juliet and Harry . How does French classical training apply to you if you don’t have access to an arena? How can you school your horse if almost all of your riding is done out and about? And how can good training help you create a great hacking partnership?

Nicola and Xande. Xande was diagnosed with kissing spines as a young horse. and her natural posture is not one which makes being ridden very ‘easy’ for her. Nicola has been using lunging, in-hand work and light riding to help Xande move in a better balance with more ease and a posture that helps support her spine positively.

Des and Kate. I will bring with me Des, the very silly Lusitano. Des has been a long term labour of love and without a doubt been my greatest teacher. We will show you some work which has helped him to become straighter, sounder and a little bit more sensible!

All 3 of us work full time, so I will talk about what you can do when time and daylight are limited to keep adding pennies to the horse bank.

All proceeds In aid of Cancer Research U.K and Macmillan Cancer .
£25 per person, places very limited. Including festive refreshments.
Venue very generously provided by Ayton PRE. Thank you!