Head and heart of Effective Horsemanship

Fiona Tyson

Head and heart of Effective Horsemanship

I have decided to offer this intensive level of support as a result of so many requests from students. I know how hard it is being alone with your horses. or without easy access to regular tuition. You want to do the right thing by your horse, but you’re not always sure what that is. This is where mentoring can come in…

A few months of guidance, discussion and tuition tailored just to you can be the kick start you need to become your horse’s best teacher.

If you think you would like this personal, intensive mentoring, I have a very limited number of spaces, with a start date of March 1st 2022.

What does it involve?

* A personal plan shaped between us at the start of our time together. This will serve as your ‘map’ and help you navigate the membership content.

* A monthly 1:1 Zoom to revisit your plan and assess what next, what else, what do you want more of?

*Monthly Individual video lesson. You will need to be able to send me videos of you and your horse to maximise this element.

– A weekly group video looking at themes and principles which are useful whoever you are, and wherever you are in your journey.

– A weekly downloadable audio that you can listen to when riding or with your horse.

. – Monthly Group Zoom Call –

– Head and Heart only FB group

– Head and Heart only podcast feed,

A Maximum of 8 people.