Combining a French Classical approach with high quality horsemanship


Welcome to Soft and Sound

The S & S membership, Premium coaching courses and clinics all have at their heart partnership and connection between horse and human, in conjunction with a logical approach to training. We care as much about how our horse feels, as how they move and what they can 'do'. 

Soft and Sound students want to understand their horses better, to develop them to be strong and sound, calm in their minds, free in their bodies, and to keep joy in their riding and ground work

If that way of being with and working with horses appeals to you, join us!

I aim to share what I have learned as best I can

I am passionate about approaches to working with horses and humans that value the true essence of both. 

I have been a serious student of French classical riding and good horsemanship for many years, and combine this with my background in equine sports massage and human mental health.

My passion is to give people the insights and confidence needed to make working with a horse an expression of joy as well as a serious pursuit of knowledge.

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