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The Soft and Sound membership values how a horse feels, as much as it values what he can 'do'. We care about his capacity to move well under saddle, as well as his ability to enjoy safely going out into the world. As far as your horse is concerned, the small things ARE the big things. How you lead him is as important as flying changes from his perspective. How he feels about you, and how well he understands what you are asking of him, are his major concerns.

No horse and human partnership are the same, but there are common themes and principles which can be understood and usefully applied. By taking the genius of French classical training as shared through the Ecole de Legerete, and supporting this with high quality feel based horsemanship, anyone can become their horse's best teacher.

sample some of the content that is provided as part of the membership programme you can now view 5 exclusive videos by clicking on the buttons below. I hope you enjoy them.

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