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"When you have no choice but to take the greatest care"

Last year my good friend and student had what we Brits might describe as a 'less than ideal'... more

"The time it takes, and then some"

I have been doing some internal wrestling recently about the clinic or lesson format and how it works... more

"The Art of Hacking"

The Art of Hacking Part 1 I often get asked if I would like to hack someone else's... more

"Food, Force or Feel?"

A few days ago I read a piece by a positive reinforcement trainer who loosely said there are... more

"A Home for Life?"

In the U.K especially we have this belief that a 'home for life' for a horse is important.... more

"The Reality of Reality"

I have think again recently about the nature and truth of life and death when it comes to... more

"The Power of Forwards"

The first year I trained with Philippe Karl the main focus was  getting our horses really ‘forwards’.  I... more

"Do One Thing"

 I try not to give direct advice, but I might dare to make an actual suggestion based on... more

"How I Lost My Confidence (and got it back again)"

When you make your living from horses it’s quite hard to admit you’ve lost your confidence. Therefore, when... more

"A Bridlepath Less Travelled"

Several years ago my Dad introduced me to M Scott Peck’s book, ‘A Road Less Travelled’. The immortal... more

"Winter is coming…."

Once upon a time the weather was lovely. By this, I mean last weekend, when I was massaging... more

"Show Your Horse How to Say Yes…So He Can Say No"

One of the biggest challenges I have when trying to assess horses is that often their behaviour around... more

"Let’s Hear It For The Women"

I have had an extraordinary year - traveling to many interesting places across the globe to teach people... more

"Kathleen Lindley Beckham"

I have just spent almost a month with Kathleen Lindley Beckham, her husband Glen and her student Katie,... more

"Lessons Possibly Learned"

When delivering training about mental health, I ask participants to consider what it is to be ‘mentally healthy’... more

"What Kind of Animal is a Human? Part Two"

Following on from part 1, in which many miles on the motorway looking for a new horse led... more

"What Kind of Animal is a Human? Part One"

I have spent most of this year looking for a horse. I have seen a LOT of the... more

"Why You Didn’t Buy the Wrong Horse"

There are two things I shouldn’t do. Well there are loads of things actually, but in relation to... more

"That Which Unites Us, Not What Divides Us"

This week has not been a brilliant one for the human race.  A lot of people have done a... more

"Karen Musson. My Thoughts and Other Ramblings"

Last weekend I was privileged enough to host Karen Musson who came all the way from the US... more

"An Ode to a Brown Horse"

I have found it hard to know how  to write about losing Tycoon,  my 9 year old PRE.... more

"On Being Normal"

When delivering training about mental health, I ask participants to consider what it is to be ‘mentally healthy’... more

"All I Want for Christmas"

I was talking with my friend recently about what horse she might like to buy. I am always... more

"Do Something"

About a decade ago I started to get panic attacks. If you have ever had them you will... more