Private Tuition, on-line

If you would like to book 1 : 1 tuition with me, but can’t get to a clinic or an in person lesson, then you can book a series of on-line lessons and consultations. These have proved to be hugely successful, and a great way to receive ongoing mentorship and support tailored just for you. Each ‘set’ includes 3 videos from you, with 3 sessions with me with feedback and access to videos that meet your individual needs.


You take a short video of you and your horse, showing anything and everything which is important to you. This could be daily handling, ground work, riding in the school, or out and about. If you don’t have a friendly camera person, something like a PIVO works really well. You then send me this video (I can talk you through how to do this) and then we have a zoom or phone call to discuss what I see. I give you training suggestions and access to specific videos and ideas, as well as ideas around mindset and problem solving. This happens 3 times as part of your coaching package.

I never have more than 4 slots available at any one time, so if I am full please do get in touch and we can put you on the waiting list.

Tuition package

£180 for non members
£150 for members (discount code can be found in your account)

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