The Art of Hacking

This is an introductory course for anyone who would like to improve and develop their competence, skills and enjoyment about hacking out.  A planned, thoughtful approach to the art of taking your horse out into the world - no more 'Hanging on and Hoping...

'Systematically unpicks and assesses the seemingly elusive ingredients of a good hacking horse, so that each component can be clearly understood, absorbed, taught, and then re-combined. Also gives thought-provoking suggestions about what it takes to become the trainer and rider that your horse needs' – Sheril

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Many of us dream of setting out in the world with our horse; journeying and exploring, sharing freedom and fresh air as a partnership.

However, there are some fundamental and vital things we need to have in place for this to be a pleasurable experience for us both. I no longer believe that ‘Hang on and Hope’ (my former strategy) is the best way to look after me and my horse when we’re out hacking. I also do not want to use force or equipment to keep a ‘lid on things’.

This 10 week course provides a series of pointers about the things which are essential to develop and progress. By taking the time to prepare yourself and your horse, you can feel much more confident that you can greet the unknown with a broad smile. I want both me and my horse to feel good about hacking, and rather than leaving things to chance. We need to consider what our horse needs to understand and feel he can feel good about that.

Each week there will be a video explaining  principles and applications, with an accompanying live discussion session. You will have life long access to this content once purchased, so you can keep returning to it after our initial collective ‘deep dive’.

Content includes:

Connection and relationship

Ground work essentials

Speed control - go out and come back at the same speed.

The Human element


Hacking with others

Hills, woods, moors, water

Physical and mental capabilties

A huge amount of video content over 10 weeks, with weekly Q & A’s and the opportunity for students to receive personal coaching for shared videos. This course is suitable for all horses, ridden and non-ridden, and the focus is on giving you the skills ask the most useful questions and find your own answers. ONLY 20 SPACES AVAILABLE
Course Closed:
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