Refining Feel in the French Tradition

Join us to explore a set of Focused Feel Practices that add meaning and precision to the communication between you and your horse, as you "reach deeper to reach deeper" in your connection.

In this program we explore awareness of the smaller particles of Feel, why they matter, with detailed guidance in the practical skills you need to work on your own with purpose.

We will show you how to assess and track your progress, and see clearly how the quality of Feel in these practices runs through every moment you spend with your horse (from picking poo to your best riding moments!).

By the end of the program, you will have a clear base of practices to refine your feel for better communication, mutual trust and understanding in simple ways that really matter. It's the big things in the little things that add up - and show up when you really need them.

Course Summary:

Warmup Session: Let's Simplify Feel
Week 1: Getting in Touch with Feel
Week 2: Carrying Your Good Feel to the Feet
Week 3: Meaning from Your Horse's Point of View
Week 4: Focus on Feel for Mindful Balance and Shape
Week 5: Pitfalls of Everyday Handling and What to Do
Week 6: Release the Ride You Want

6 video modules, with a workbook to accompany each video. A weekly Q & A and the opportunity for students to send in videos for review. A dedicated Facebook group for course members. 

Next Course:
Refining Feel in the French Tradition 5th April 2021                Places are Limited                     £245 members                    £395 non-members       CLICK HERE TO BOOK