Online Private Tuition


You send some short videos and I provide student specific videos with my own horses to give clear guidance, personal training plans, and FaceTime or Zoom coaching.

Here’s how it works;
1. Book your session or sessions.
2. You will receive an e-mail confirmation, reply to this this with a video of you and your horse, riding, ground work, handling, being in the field together – whatever is most pressing. It can be a wobbly phone video held by your child, or get yourself a Pivo – it doesn’t matter. Typically 10-20 minutes worth will give me an idea. Send your videos by We Transfer (free), Drop box or Whatsapp.
3. I will respond! I may send you a video of one of my horses, or we may Zoom/call/send a written report – whatever is most useful and convenient for you.
4. You tell me how that lands…

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