Freedom Based Training on Dartmoor with Elsa Sinclair


Freedom Based Training on Dartmoor with Elsa Sinclair

May 10th 9.30am -4.30pm

I have been fortunate enough to plan a very special day with Elsa Sinclair on Dartmoor, observing the herds of native ponies when she visits the U.K this year.

We will use this as time to learn more about who these ponies are, and how this knowledge can inform our interactions with our own equines. What we can we learn when watching horses who are as close to ‘un-domesticated’ horse as we can access in the U.K?

If you’re not familiar with her work, Elsa is passionate about understanding a horses’ inherent way of relating – through harmonising, changing focus, moving together (or not) as a means for us to make better sense TO them. She converses with them almost entirely without pressure, food or restraint (e.g a fence) and believes all of us can incorporate this into our time with horses – even if we don’t fully commit to Freedom Based Training. That’s what I like about Elsa, she’s a pragmatist. You can learn more about her work here

This will be a day of learning and insights in one of the most ancient landscapes in the U.K. The DNA of the Dartmoor pony sstretches back over 4000 years and the sites we will visit will track the history of humans and horses on this land.

Only a small amount of places available, so please get in touch ASAP If you’re interested. £150 for members, £175 for non members which includes a donation to charities associated with both the heritage and hill ponies.

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