End of Year Finale 2022: Introduction and Recap to Legerete


The final event of 2022!

This will serve as an introduction to people new to the work and a recap for long-standing students.

It will be a chance to get together, learn some stuff about the French school and good horsemanship, eat some mince pies and have a nice time.

There will be demonstrations with my horses, and also with a couple of dedicated students. There will be work in-hand, on the lunge and under saddle with the attention to balance, straightness, ease of movement and understanding of the language of the aids that is the hallmark of this work.

There will be a charity raffle and festive refreshments.

This event is open to people new to Soft and Sound, and we’d also love any long standing students to join us too.

Venue: Ayton PRE, North Tawton
Date: Sat 12 December 2022
Time 12.30pm to 4pm
Cost: £25 per person to include light festive refreshments

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